ISO 4892-3

general accelerated weathering standards – ISO 4892-3

ISO 4892

plastics method of exposure to laboratory light source

ISO 4892 specifies methods of exposing samples to laboratory light sources with the addition of moisture, humidity, temperature, to simulate the conditions which it is expected to endure in its real life application.

artificial weathering

ISO 4892-3


The specimens are exposed to fluorescent UV lamps under controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity and/or water). Different types of fluorescent UV lamps may be used to meet all of the requirements for testing different materials.

ISO 4892-3 Cycle 1 standard requirements

lamp type: UVA-340
programmed in models: QUV/basic, QUV/se, QUV/spray/rp (no irradiance setting on QUV/basic)
stepfunctionirradiance (W/m²)temperature (℃)time (hh:mm)
3final step - go to step 1

ISO 4892-3 Cycle 2 standard requirements

lamp type: UVA-340
Programed in Models: QUV/spray, QUV/spray/rp
stepfunctionirradiance (W/m²)temperature (℃)time (hh:mm)
4final step - go to step 1

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