TSL 3600G

automotive accelerated weathering standards – TSL 3600G – Toyota

artificial weathering

TSL 3600G

change in surface by ageing

Xenon lamp aging test integrates optical radiation, temperature, relative humidity, moisture and other aging factors. It simulates the climate environment under the circumstance of using indoor and outdoor light sources, all within a xenon arc test chamber. At the same time, it combines temperature and humidity with water spraying period. TSL 0601G test standard is used by most automotive companies to carry out artificial accelerated weathering and light ageing testing.

TSL 3600G standard requirements

proposed parameter rangewithin current operating range
standard refToyota TSL 3600G
irradiance0.55w/m² over 340nm ±0.03yes
filter systemstandard outdooryes
chamber temperaturenot specifiedyes
BST/BPT temperatureBPT 89 degrees light / 38 degrees dark ±3yes
relative humidity50% light / 95% dark ±5%yes
light cycle3.8hrs light - 1hr darkyes
spray cycleno sprayyes
test duration375kjs

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