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packaging testing

impact have specialised packaging testing facilities, and have containers in their DNA.  Our team have been performing packaging testing and developing container grade plastics since the 1960’s, with much of the polyethylene containers used today coming as a result of development from our team.  Our extensive packaging testing facilities allow Impact to test to a variety of standards, or apply our knowledge to help you develop new containers and packaging.

Whether your container is a bag, a box, a jerrican, a drum or a tank, then impact can help you.  And we don’t just deal with plastic containers, as our packaging testing laboratory is accredited to test fiberboard, steel, and aluminium as well as plastic containers.

Our UN dangerous goods packaging testing facility is unique in the UK. We handle all model chemicals – nitric acid, acetic acid, butyl acetate, white spirit and detergents – plus kerosene, diesel and agrochemicals. We also have the ability to handle customer’s own product or development liquids and just about anything that needs safe containment including testing of solids.  Our experience and customer service makes us a first stop for clients throughout the world.

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