accelerated weathering

accelerated weathering and light fastness testing and evaluation

impact solutions have an accelerated weathering and lightfastness laboratory and are able to test a wide range of standards from many industries.

impact have a selection of Q-Lab units and are still expanding with more investment over the next few years.

The Q-Lab test chambers, Q-SUN Xenon Arc Chambers: Model Xe-3, at impact solutions are capable of accelerating the ageing process by around 8 times.  To make this easier to understand there are approximately 8000hrs in a year so running a test in one of our wetherometers for just 1000hrs (Around 6 weeks) you will be simulating around a years worth of natural weathering. No industry has time to leave samples or components outside for years at a time so this is the perfect solution for weathering testing. If your product is structural and combined with the weathering testing, we can also perform physical testing which enables us to give you a truer picture of your product’s lifespan in a short space of time.

As well as weathering and lightfastness, impact can also offer a range of evaluations on the tested samples by our fully trained technicians. We have a VeriVide lightbox with a range of light sources where we can offer Grey Scale assessment, Blue wool and appearance. We also have a hand held Spectrophotometer for digital measurements and DE readings.

impact solutions have flexible scope in the way we can run tests within the boundaries of any standards including ISO, ASTM, SAE, PV and many more.


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