Packaging trends
20th April 2022

What Are The Latest Packaging Trends?

The packaging industry plays a large economic role in today’s society. It helps business build…
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lithium ion batteries recycling electric vehicles
Press Release
22nd November 2021

The push towards electric vehicles – “Behind the scenes”

In 2020, the UK government published the Ten Point Plan for a Green Industrial Revolution.…
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NexGen Tree Shelter
Case Study
12th November 2021

Redefining our countryside, one tree shelter at a time – NexGen

client NexGen industry Sustainable Forestry our role Testing & Consultancy Our Client’s Mission NexGen's mission…
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Plastic Tax 2022 - Plastic Packaging Tax
3rd November 2021

Is your business ready for the Plastic Tax 2022?

The COP26 climate change summit is here and the UK government has already announced plans…
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ASTM D 6691 marine biodegradation
ASTM D 6691
20th July 2021

ASTM D6691: Aerobic Biodegradation of Plastic Materials in Marine Environment

What is the ASTM D 6691? The ASTM D6691:2017 is a test method carried out…
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Impact can provide a quick and low-cost bomb calorimetry test which will help to indicate the flammability of cladding. Consequently, this will provide more of an understanding and level of confidence to residents, developers and architects.
29th June 2021

How we indicate the flammability of cladding

What was wrong with the Grenfell cladding and how has it affected residents? It’s been…
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