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recycled content verification for Plastic Packaging Tax

why is the Plastic Packaging Tax important?

The Plastic Packaging Tax 2022 is a new £200 per tonne tax applicable on plastic packaging manufactured in or imported into the UK, that does not contain at least 30% recycled plastic. This tax, which is being introduced from April 2022, is designed to increase the use of recycled material in the production of plastic packaging. All businesses, whether liable of not must register with HMRC. Recycled content verification enables control within the recycled plastics supply chain.

determining the recycled content percentage

HMRC suggests that you should carry out due diligence checks in order to establish the integrity of suppliers, satisfying procurement requirements within your supply chain. No list of specific checks are provided, however, due diligence checks such as physical inspections and quality assurance tests are suggested to evidence that the plastic supplied is recycled.

As part of our recycled content verification services, Impact Solutions has worked alongside BSI and a large consortium to develop BS Flex 6228, a BSI Flex standard test method that allows the determination of percentage of recycled content in clear PET packaging to compare it with a mass balance audits.

recycled content verification

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testing for recycled content % – BS FLEX 6228

characterisation of recycled PET

characterisation of recycled PE

what are the benefits of testing recycled plastic content?

peace of mind

keep records to avoid disputes

brand reputation and transparency with consumers

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