ISO 105 B02

textile & inks accelerated weathering standards – ISO 105 B02

artificial weathering

ISO 105 B02

textiles method of exposure to laboratory light source using a xenon arc lamp

Many textiles can change in colour appearance when then come into contact with and are exposed to direct sunlight for a significant amount of time. ISO 105 B02 standard is the test method of exposing samples to an artificial light source under specified environmental conditions. The colourfastness is then measured by comparison of a reference sample under standard light conditions.

accelerated weathering & lightfastness testing standards

These standards are designed to test your products to the conditions they would be exposed to during their service life, either outdoors or indoors in direct sunlight through window glass.

ISO 105 B02 standard requirements

proposed parameter rangewithin current operating range
standard refISO 105 B02
irradiance1.10w/m² at 420nm ±0.02yes
filter systemyes
chamber temperatureno requirementyes
BST/BPT temperatureBST 47 degrees ±3yes
relative humidity40% ±5%yes
light cyclecontinuous light yes
spray cycleno sprayyes
test duration1 & 3 cycles of BW6 to GS4-5 (around 140hrs each cycle)

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