Climatic testing

Impact can offer climatic testing and accelerated aging.  We can climatic test to a range of standards, or reproduce the conditions YOUR product is likely to face in the real world in our ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

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Climatic testing and accelerated life cycle testing

Climatic testing allows real world climate conditions to be recreated accuretly in the lab.  Using our fully automated equipment, temperature and humidity conditions can be mimicked 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  This allows products to be tested in their extreme working environments to improve reliability and help speed up development work by identifying weak spots quickly.

Our equipment allows Impact to test a variety of conditions, either on their own, or combined.  Additionally, further mechanical testing can be undertaken before and after the climatic testing to assess a range of factors.

Impact can undertake climatic testing under the following criteria;

  • Temperature (High or Low)
    • Normal range of -70C to +150C.  Possible to reach as low as -200C (77K) with special set ups.
    • Either constant, or temperature cycling available (fully automated)
    • Impact run the following rooms at constant conditions year round;
      • 40C +-2C
      • 23C 50RH
      • 23C ambient RH
      • -20C
      • 17C +- 2C
    • Chamber sizes vary from the very small, up to container sizes suitable for pallets.
  • Humidity
    • Automated humidity (combined with temperature) cycling from 20%RH to 98%RH
    • Fixed humidity at 50%RH
    • Chamber sizes from very small to very large.

Impact can also offer accelerated UV and Xenon Arc weathering, which combines UV exposure with temperature and humidity to accelerate the aging of your product.  We can also organise further testing such as altitude (pressure) and salt/sand spray.

Our most commonly tested standards are listed below, however we can accommodate a wide range of conditions from other standards, or our expert team can design a special programme specific to your application.  Call us on 01324 489182 today to discuss!

climatic testing

Climatic testing standards

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Climatic testing standards
BS 3G100
IEC 60068 Series
EN 60948
DEF STAN 07-55
DEF STAN 00-35
Company specific - eg automotive standards such as JLR, Ford, VW etc
BS EN - such as BS EN 60068