accelerated weathering standards

impact solutions can undertake a wide range of accelerated weathering standards on their state of the art equipment

impact can test to a wide range of accelerated weathering standards.  A selection of the most popular by industry is shown in the tables below.

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General weathering standards

GeneralIEC 68-2-9
GeneralISO 4892-1
GeneralASTM G151
GeneralASTM G155
GeneralGB/T 16422.1

Automotive weathering standards

AutomotiveSAE J2412Ford/ General Motors
AutomotiveSAE J2527Ford / General Motors
AutomotivePV 1306Volkswagen
AutomotivePV 3929Volkswagen
AutomotivePV 3930Volkswagen
AutomotiveGMW 14162General Motors
AutomotiveGME 60292GM Opal
AutomotivePF-1 1365Chrysler
AutomotiveVDA 75202BMW
AutomotiveISO 105-B06Porsche
AutomotiveDBL 5555Daimler
AutomotiveDIN 75202Porsche
AutomotiveFLTM EU BO 050-1Ford
AutomotiveGMW 14660General Motors
AutomotiveGM 9125PGeneral Motors
AutomotiveISO 4892-2Porsche / General
AutomotiveGMW 14170General Motors
AutomotiveDBL 7399Daimler
AutomotiveHES D6601Honda
AutomotiveJIS D0205Japan Autospec
AutomotiveISO 11341International
AutomotiveASTM D7356International
AutomotiveASTM D7869International
AutomotiveISO 105 B10International
AutomotiveVCS 1027, 359Volvo
AutomotiveNES M0135Nissan
AutomotiveSAE J 2527General Motors
AutomotivePV1303General Motors
AutomotiveFLTM B0116Ford

Coatings weathering standards

CoatingsISO 11341
CoatingsISO 15110
CoatingsASTM D3451
CoatingsASTM D3794
CoatingsASTM D6577
CoatingsASTM D6695
CoatingsGB/T 1865
CoatingsJIS K 5600-7-7
CoatingsMPI: #113
CoatingsMS 133 Part F14
CoatingsIRAM 1109-B14:2008
Coatings#85 FMR

Roofing, Adhesives and Sealants weathering standards

RoofingASTM D1670
RoofingASTM D4434
RoofingASTM D4637
RoofingASTM D4798
RoofingASTM D4811
RoofingASTM D5019
RoofingASTM D6083
RoofingASTM D6878
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C732
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C734
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C793
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C1257
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C1442
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C1519
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C1251
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C1501
Adhesives & SealantsASTM C1184
Adhesives & SealantsASTM D904

Textiles and Inks weathering standards

InksISO 11798
InksISO 12040
InksISO 18909
InksASTM D3424
InksASTM D4303
InksASTM D5010
InksASTM 6901
InksASTM F2366
InksGB/T 22771
TextilesAATCC TM 16
TextilesAATCC TM 169
TextilesAdidas TM 5.11
TextilesGB/T 8427
TextilesGB/T 8430
TextilesGB/T 8431
TextilesGB/T 16991
TextilesIS: 2454
TextilesISO 105-B02
TextilesISO 105-B04
TextilesISO 105-B06
TextilesISO 105-B07
TextilesM & S C9
TextilesM & S C9A
GeotextilesASTM D4355

Plastics and Rubber weathering standards

PlasticsISO 29664
PlasticsISO 4892-2
PlasticsJIS K 7350-2
PlasticsDIN EN 513
PlasticsASTM D1248
PlasticsASTM 2565
PlasticsASTM D4101
PlasticsASTM D4459
PlasticsASTM D5071
PlasticsASTM D6662
PlasticsUL 1581
PlasticsGB/T 16422.2
PlasticsGB/T 29365
RubberASTM D750
RubberASTM D925
RubberASTM D1148
RubberISO 3865
RubberISO 4665
RubberGB/T 3511

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