QUV tester

Q-Lab QUV accelerated weathering tester

impact solutions can now also offer UV testing in their brand new Q-Lab QUV accelerated weathering tester unit. This unit will sit alongside our five other Q-Lab Q-SUN Xenon Arc Test Chambers and will be able to perform a whole selection of tests where the UV Only part of the light spectrum is required. The QUV unit is named Flotta, keeping in line with our Scottish Islands theme.

Why use UV light?

The suns spectrum is made up of many different of types of light including, UV, infrared and visible. The UV part of the sun’s light is the part that can be most damaging, this is the part that will give you sun burn and skin cancer and so this is also the part that is most likely to cause damage to your materials and samples.

There are several UV options available to run, including UVA and UVB (UVB being the harsher of the two options). The light source is used in conjunction with heat, moisture (condensation) and spray if needed. Essentially the QUV accelerated weathering tester unit can handle all weathering conditions and is the go to accelerated weathering model unit.

QUV accelerated weathering tester
QUV accelerated weathering tester

Our new QUV accelerated weathering tester unit is ideal for doing your development work and getting your materials stable in UV light.

This type of testing is very popular in the plastics, coatings, automotive and textiles industry.


Our new QUV accelerated weathering tester will be able to run tests such as

ISO 4892-3EN13523-10ASTM D4587
ASTM G155EN 1297ASTM D4329
SAEJ 2020EN 12224EN 1062-4
ASTM G154ISO 16474ASTM G151
ISO 11997-2 ASTM D5208EN927.6
ASTM D4799

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