UN jerrican (UN dangerous goods)

impact are accredited to provide UN approval testing for UN jerrican (plastic and metallic) at our Scottish based facility.

jerrican 1

UN jerrican for UN marking

It is important that any UN jerrican which is used or sold for the transportation of dangerous goods are UN approved.  impact can offer UN jerrican testing to allow the approval of jerricans (metallic or plastic) for the transport of dangerous goods.

UN jerrican tests involve the jerrican being subjected to drop impact tests to determine their suitability at retaining the hazardous substance inside upon impact, stack tests for their long term storage and leak and hydraulic testing.

Once a UN jerrican has passed the testing, a report is prepared and an application made to the VCA-DGO who administer the UN marks for the UK.

UN jerrican testing – what we need

We need 13 jerricans to complete the UN jerrican testing, with stack, impact, leak and hydraulic properties tested.

If there is different cap types then there is a requirement to do extra testing.  The length of time to complete the testing varies as metal jerricans require 24 hours of stack testing, with plastic jerricans needing 30 days.

jerrican 2
jerrican 3

how it works

impact intend to make the UN approval system easy to navigate, and we can help handle all aspects of the process.

Once you have built your prototype jerricans, these should be sent to impact for the un approval testing to being.  We can either proceed directly to a full test, or, if you are still in the design stage, subject them to varying conditions to allow you to judge the future design.

After the full UN testing, if no failures have occurred, impact will provide a report to the VCA-DGO (Vehicle certification agency – dangerous goods office) who administer the UN marking scheme in the UK.  The VCA take 3 weeks to process a new application and will contact you directly for payment of application fees in order to issue the certificate.