Polymer expert published on front page of Langmuir

By 25th November 2014training
Michail Kalloudis

Impact Solutions polymer expert Michail Kalloudis, in collaboration with other polymer expert’s at the Edinburgh University School of Physics and Astronomy, has been chosen to be published on the front cover of the prestigious ‘Langmuir’ journal.

Titled “Drop-Casting Hydrogels at a Liquid Interface: The Case of Hydrophobic Dipeptides”, Michail was a co-published during his post doctorate studies.  The Langmuir journal, published by the American Chemical Society, is a prestigious journal featuring those at the cutting edge of chemical science.


The article, which will be published next month is also available to view on the Langmuir section of the American Chemical Society publications page.

Abstract for Polymer expert Michail Kalloudis publication:

Hydrophobic dipeptide molecules have been induced to self-assemble into thin interfacial films at the air–water interface via drop-casting. The mechanism involves fiberlike strands, which exist in the high-pH spreading solvent, becoming intertwined at the surface of a low-pH subphase. Atomic force microscopy (AFM) reveals that the strands are ∼40 nm wide and ∼20 nm high and are woven together to form layers that can be up to ∼800 nm thick. The use of Thioflavin T (ThT) fluorescence suggests that the dipeptides are ordered in a β-sheet configuration irrespective of whether they form an interfacial film, while Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) shows the protonation effect for those which do form an interfacial film. The entanglement between protonated strands results in the formation of an elastic sheet. The interfacial films buckled under compression in a Langmuir trough and have the ability to convey long-term stability to large air bubbles.

The full article is available on the American Chemical Society site, and can be viewed here.  Impact Solutions is delighted that Michail’s works are being appreciated in this manner.  If you are interested in talking further with Michail, or benefiting from the knowledge of one of our other polymer experts, then please contact us on info@impact-solutions.co.uk or phone us on +44 1324 489 182.