welding test

impact have years of experience in performing both butt and electrofusion welding test for plastic pipes.  We understand why, and how they fail.

welding test

As an UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0402, impact solutions has the capability for welding test of PE pipe welds of all diameters. Testing is carried out in accordance with WIS 4-32-08 (Specifications for fusion jointing of polyethylene pressure pipeline systems using PE80 or PE100 material), ISO 13953, GIS PL2 Part 2 (5.5 bar), GIS PL2 Part 8 (7 bar) for pipe, or GIS PL2 Part 4 for ElectroFusion, among others.

Performing regular welding tests on your pipeline installations can avoid a number of issues:

  • downtime after failure
  • re-work – significant costs in excavating pipe work to get at and replace the failed welds.
  • loss of confidence – a single weld failure can cause a loss of confidence in the stability of a whole system. We have seen clients insist backup systems are put in place at considerable cost to the contractor.
  • material costs of replacement, both for pipes and installation environment
  • time cost
  • failure analysis – depending on the complexity, failure analysis can lead to large costs.

electrofusion welding test

Electrofusion welding testing is carried out using our UKAS calibrated Instron universal testing machine.  impact can undertake a number of different standards and geometries including the ISO, ASTM, WIS and GIS standards.

In addition we have a wide range of experience in interpreting the different failure modes, allowing you to be safe in the knowledge that your pipeline installation has been performed to the highest standards.

An explanation of the electrofusion weld testing can be found here.

welding - electrofusion
butt fusion - weld test

butt fusion welding test

Butt fusion welding is the most commonly performed weld, and is ideal for large diameter pipes.  impact have years of experience in testing butt fusion to a variety of standards including ISO, ASTM, WIS and GIS, all of which require different geometries and methods of testing.

We have extensive knowledge across a range of standards, and a unique understand of the differences in the way energy is transferred into the weld itself during these tests.  This allows us to interpret results accurately and help you ensure the highest quality pipeline installation.

You can find out more about butt fusion welding test failure modes here.