hydrostatic pressure testing

impact have extensive hydrostatic pipe testing facilities and are an independent UKAS accredited laboratory for ISO 9080

hydrostatic strength pressure pipe testing

hydrostatic pressure testing of pipes

Plastic pipes and piping systems are designed for a minimum lifetime of at least 50 years.  This requires long term testing in order to qualify the pipe material.  Impact have a full pipe evaluation laborotory, and we are specialised in pipe construction evaluation and long term hydrostatic strength.

impact are a renowned test laboratory, accredited to ISO 17025 and a UKAS accredited laboratory for pressure pipe testing.  We can perform a number of different tests, including ISO 9080, ISO 1167 and ISO 13479, with experience working with a wide range of polymers including HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PVDF, nylon, PEEK and more recently Polyketones.

ISO 9080:2012

Hydrostatic pressure testing is used to determine a 50 year life time period.  Pipes achieving 10Mpa are designated as PE100 grades, and 8Mpa as PE80 grades.

Pipes are held at varying pressures at 3 different temperatures and held till failure.  impact have 225 test stations available for this test on our purpose built pressure pipe rig.

We are fully independent, working with a number of the big names in the pipe industry and all work is conducted under strict confidentiality.