greyscale testing weathering capabilities – ISO 105

gray scale testing - weathering capabilities - ISO 105

greyscale testing weathering capabilities – ISO 105

Over the last three weeks, Impact Solutions have been working on the expansion of our accelerated weathering capabilities with the installation of two weatherometers.  This week we received a brand new Colour Fastness Cabinet, providing exceptional viewing conditions for assessing samples for greyscale testing and determination and to BS EN ISO 105 and retailer specifications.

grayscaleThe cabinet will allow our experts to use a greyscale testing method to determine visual changes on the surface of a sample material, which has been exposed to a range of stresses.  A test sample has to endure specific stresses such as UV ageing, temperature ageing, light ageing and weathering to ensure that it is suitable for its intended end use.  This will allow us to test sample materials against specific specifications, which essentially helps to evaluate and determine the performance of your product.

A greyscale testing and determination is the physical surface evaluation of exposed sample material to record if it has retained its original colour/hue. The exposed test specimen is placed alongside an untreated specimen of the same product, under lights within the colour fastness cabinet.  The difference in colour between the two specimens is measured against the sections on a grayscale and a corresponding grade is given. Within the cabinet, a light helps the observer to identify the severity of the surface changes of the exposed sample material.  The greyscale ranges from 1 being the lightest and biggest change in colour, to 5 being no colour change what so ever.

When evaluating the test specimen, standardised lighting should be used.  Impact’s new Colour Fastness Cabinet contains four different standardised lights: daylight; incandescent light; cool white fluorescent light and ultraviolet light.  The daylight option is used as standard procedure when measuring colour.

As a company, our new Colour Fastness Cabinet allows us to add to our over 120 combined years of experience. As always, Impact Solutions are happy to talk to you and advise you on how to test and develop your product. Email us today at / give us a call on +44 (0) 1324 489 182 /or visit here for our list of testing.