Impact Solutions are proud to announce we have added a spectrophotometer to our range of analytical equipment for the colorimetry testing of plastics.  The spectrophotometer will allow us to accurately perform colour measurements of plastic products exposed to different environmental conditions.

This can include:

  • UV accelerated Weathering
  • Chemical exposure using all model liquids
  • Exposure in extreme heat or extreme cold at varying humidity’s
  • Exposure to sterilization methods such as gamma radiation

The spectrophotometer is certified to Colorimetry  CIE standards in accordance with CIE publication 15.2.  The testing can be carried out using a wide range of illuminate standards, including CIE D50, D55, D65 AND D75.  Other illuminates include A, C, U3000, Horizon, F2, F7 and F11.

In addition colorimetry spectrophotometers can perform LRV measurement evaluation for visual contrast as specified by the UK Building Standard 8300:2001-2005.




Colour changes over time are one of the largest area’s of failures in consumer products, as they can be noticed by users long before a physical failure causes the product to break.  We regularly get worried calls from clients who have provided a product to a foreign customer and had large numbers returned due to colour fading, whereas they had previously had zero failures in the UK market.

This is caused by the enhanced UV exposure in other countries, and any company thinking of selling their product to the Middle East, Southern Asia or Africa for the first time needs to be very careful if supplying a product intended for outdoor use.  Relatively simple testing using a combination of UV accelerated weathering and colorimetry can quickly determine how your product will perform.

For more information, or to chat with one of our technical experts, please email Gregg Falconer or Steven Burns on, or phone us now on +441324489182.