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By 6th June 2019training
Insights Programme

For a second consecutive year, we were very excited to host students from Edinburgh University at our very own independent materials testing laboratory and R&D centre.  This is part of the Insights Programme which offers students the chance to benefit from graduates of the University (alumni) sharing their knowledge and experience of job sectors and workplaces.

The aim of the Insights Programme is to inspire you, increase your personal and professional confidence and widen your networks through alumni hosting you for short periods of career and workplace exploration.

This programme allows for students to get the chance to receive hands-on experience in the innovative research and development projects which we are currently running at Impact Solutions.  Edinburgh University students are able to observe and obtain knowledge from our Innovation and Research Specialists, which could be the type of experience to add to their CVs.

This week, the students are also given the chance to discuss the working life of the industry and the opportunities presented within Scotland.  Within Impact Solutions, we provided industry insights to show how the knowledge and skills learned at university can be transferred into real-life work.  Specifically, we show how Impact Solutions can take innovative ideas and commercialise them into making a real impact in society and enhance sustainability and the Circular Economy in Scotland.

Kaseya Chisala, one of this year’s students taking part in the programme, gave her feedback:

“As plastics has been such a hot topic currently in the news and media, with lots of companies no longer using plastic straws, I found my visit to Impact Solutions quite timely. During my visit, I was able to ask questions about the sector to the employees and gain an insight into some of the problems faced in the plastics industry such as recycling. That being said, I was able to see how the employees of Impact Solutions were creatively coming up with answers to some of these problems by using their skills of science, engineering and manufacturing. I was also able to see the machinery they use to test various properties of plastics, this was great as I was able to physically see the real-life applications of concepts I have learned during the course of my engineering degree. Overall I had a fantastic time at the company and the conversations and work I experienced has only further increased my interest in this area.”

There is currently an opportunity for many research and development projects within the Recycling and Sustainability sector.  It may be of interest for students to be involved what is happening now, they are the future.  Keep up-to-date with Impact Innovations research and development projects.

For more info on the Insights Programme at The University of Edinburgh, click here.