Impact expands its testing capabilities

Impact expands its testing capabilities

Impact Solutions has expanded its thermal analysis capability with the purchase of a new Netzsch Polyma DSC214 Differential Scanning Calorimeter and at the same time has broadened its analytical capability with the Purchase of a Nicolet IS10 Fourier Transform Infra Red Spectrometer (FTIR).

The combined techniques provide a powerful analytical suite to help with trouble shooting, polymer recognition and stabilisation.

The new analytical equipment complements Impact’s physical testing facility and greatly expands our capability to meet customers’ needs.

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impact expands its testing capabilitiesFeatures of the Netzsch Polyma 214 DSC

  • Oval furnace for faster heating/cooling – up to 500oC/min
  • Polymer identification software and library
  • AutoEvaluation software for user independent analysis






Nicolet IS10 Fourier Transform-Infra Red Spectrometer with ATR

  • Identify Polymer type and additives
  • Semi Quantitative analysis capabilities


Founded in 2002, Impact is a spin-out from BP Chemicals. Many of its team have over 30 years’ experience and know-how and all of its experts are highly qualified both technically and commercially.

We are a a UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0402, innovation and product testing centre that specialises in the testing of plastic containers, pipes, tanks and UN packaging.

Impact prides itself not just on being able to test materials, but advise and help you to improve your materials and products. We also undertake many research products to develop new and improved polymers.

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