Impact adds Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) capabilities

impact expands its testing capabilities

Impact Solutions has just added DSC capabilities to our extensive lab services.  Please contact us for all your thermal analysis needs.


What is DSC?

Differential Scanning Calorimetry

The purchase and installation of the latest DSC from Netzsch has increased Impact Solutions thermal analysis capability to meet a range of international standards including, ISO 11357, ASTM E967, ASTM E968, ASTM E793, ASTM D3895, ASTM D3417, ASTM D3418, DIN 51004, DIN 51007, DIN 53765

The temperature range of the Impact system, DSC214 Polyma, covers -40oC to 600oC and the system can operate at heating/cooling rates from 0.001oC/min to 500oC/min covering all significant polymer processes.

The DSC is arguably the primary thermal analytical tool which can provide;

  • Identification of polymers based on their thermal finger print which includes;

o   Melting and crystallization temperatures

o   Degree of crystallinity

o   Glass transition temperature

 The Netzsch software has a reference library to help in the identification of polymers.

  • Information to help identify polymers components in blends
  • Information on a polymers thermal history during processing or temperature exposure during service life
  • Information on a polymers thermal stabilisation using its Oxidation Induction Times (IOT)
  • Understanding of chemical reaction rates e.g. peroxide cross-link, using isothermal measurements.
  • Specific heat capacity required for thermal modelling.

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