Testing of Bags for UN Dangerous Goods Approval

bag & sacks testing - Der Gelbe Sack freigestellt-1

UN approved bagImpact Solutions are now an approved test station UKAS accredited testing laboratory No. 0402)or the testing of bags and sacks for the UN Transport of Dangerous Goods.

As an accredited test station we carry out the required testing of bags and sacks according to the UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods. The tests undertaken vary in type and intensity depending on the design and material of the bag or sack and the contents to be carried. Successfully tested design types may then be approved and awarded a UN mark.


A UN mark is very important ...importance-un-packaging-regulations-highlighted-following-court-ruling

Bags must undergo a specification test, with drop impact testing performed on a minimum of 3 samples, which are loaded with a placebo or actual product.  A report is then sent to the VCA and if satisfied, the VCA will issue the UN certificate allowing a mark to be used.

These can be used for storing and transporting a wide variety of goods, bulk bags are primarily used for moving all kinds of dry, flowable products, such as plastics or sands and food products such as beans and grains to lithium batteries.

It is very important that the bag or sacks s can withstand any conditions that it may face on its travels, as any loss to product during transit or storage directly affects the profits to you as a client, so we can make sure that your bags are fully certified.

Impact are well placed to help you with your packaging concerns, and we have a FAQ at accredited-plastic-testing-services/packaging-testing/un-dangerous-goods-packaging-faq/

For more information on how we can help you please contact us 01324 489182 or  info@impact-solutions.co.uk