Helping the NHS to fight the Battle Against COVID-19

By 6th April 2020Impact Updates, services

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, resources have been stretched thin and many places don’t have the funds or materials to restock. This is currently a huge issue for healthcare workers not having the correct PPE and putting themselves in danger to help others on the front-lines. This is a national shortage in the UK but has been happening all over the world.

In a bid to help in any way we can, many businesses are trying to make sure that if they have the means to help, then they will. Currently, 3DCrowd UK have started up a campaign, known on social media as #TheBigPrint, for businesses with the equipment to join them in making face masks for healthcare workers. Thousands of the 3D printed masks have already been distributed to hospitals, GP surgeries, pharmacies, social careers and paramedics. This has led to many businesses rallying in others to contribute.

They are still looking for volunteers, all you need, is a 3D printer. Print and assembly instructions will be provided once you register on 3DCrowd UK website. Fear not, if you do not own a 3D printer, 3DCrowd UK are also looking for volunteers to donate equipment or help distribute the PPE after production.

At Impact, we are doing our part to help out in this pandemic, including testing for the NHS and now donating our 3D printer to one of our associates for the production of PPE, namely face masks. These masks are going to as many practices as possible. They are encouraging anyone that can, to donate or volunteer with materials and distribution, so they can make sure that the PPE gets where it’s needed most.

Never have we seen this kind of sudden demand for basic equipment such as PPE so it has been overwhelming to see everyone join forces thus far. A GoFundMe crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help supply more resource materials and distribution costs.

Impact Solutions continue to encourage anyone who has the resources to spare to lend a hand, whether that be donating a 3D printer like us or donating materials and help with distribution. We all have our part to do in the battle against COVID-19.