Developing new generation resins and compounds

developing new generation resins and compounds

Impact Solutions is proactive in developing new generation resins and compounds for high value, high risk applications


The introduction of multi-reactor plants and new catalyst systems has given rise to a new generation of PE resins. Many of the new technologies and catalyst systems which produce such resins are being licensed in many developing regions around the globe. The resource which process licensors can dedicate to their licensees is limited and this often leads to differences between the ultimate product properties and the target performance. The result is that new grade introduction can be slow and costly. For example, the increasing of global capacity for pipe grade polyethylene is largely based onthe licensing of existing multi-modal reactor technology. However, some licensees are finding it difficult to develop PE100 grades capable of meeting the latest specifications for this class of product. This is not surprising as the reactor and post-reactor technologies for these multi-reactor products are very complex.

Having been part of the BP Chemicals team that developed PE 100 and PE 80 pipe grades in the 1970’s and 1990’s, Impact personnel have extensive breadth and experience to help manufacturers develop and improve their pipe grades. In recent years, Impact has provided assistance to manufacturers in both South America and South Africa providing guidance on catalyst, reactor conditions, additives and compounding conditions.
Impact has also looked closely at the new generation of metallocene LLDPE’s developed for the rotational moulding market. Our understanding of the performance benefits means that Impact is ideally placed to support licensees who are considering introducing these resins onto their plants.
Also, with our use of SMART™ testing techniques using small amounts of material, Impact can quickly assess grades and formulations aimed at specific applications and help bring developments to the market place more efficiently.

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