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automotive testing

Automotive Testing

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Why use Impact for your automotive testing?

The automotive industry demands the highest quality standards with automotive testing key for quickly getting to market. With all the main car manufacturers having their own set of quality standards, it can be difficult and time consuming for suppliers to understand what is required of their materials.

Impact have years of experience in interpreting the standards, and testing customer materials to the requirements of the top car manufacturers.  Most of the testing is carried out by Impact at our own facilities, however where we cannot test ourselves use our trusted partners.  Impact also hold a ‘flexible’ UKAS scope for accelerated weathering, allowing us to accredit all accelerated and artificial weathering testing.

When combined with our expert team and experience in plastics and composites, Impact should be your first and only stop for automotive testing needs.

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Case Study

Impact was able to bring novel testing approaches and materials experience to bear on the development of a water suppressant mud flaps to replace established market leaders with a more cost effective polyolefin based products to launch a new business of ensuring fitness for purpose.

Robustness, impact resistance and weatherability were the prime requirements which were ultimately confirmed and endorsed. As part of this work a comparative assessment and selection of formulations from emerging Eastern European and Far Eastern manufacturers was performed.

The patented Spraydown mudflap is now being commercialized with interest from truck manufacturers, fleet operators, trailer manufacturers and parts distributors.

Thank you very much for the lab report and the speed with which the tests were carried out. We will certainly be in touch when we have a requirement for further tests!

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automotive testing

Automotive testing standards

This list is by no means exhaustive and we can carry out testing to a number of different standards.  Please get in touch with your requirements.

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AutomotiveSAE J2412Ford/ General Motors
AutomotiveSAE J2527Ford / General Motors
AutomotivePV 1306Volkswagen
AutomotivePV 3929Volkswagen
AutomotivePV 3930Volkswagen
AutomotiveGMW 14162General Motors
AutomotiveGME 60292GM Opal
AutomotivePF-1 1365Chrysler
AutomotiveVDA 75202BMW
AutomotiveISO 105-B06Porsche
AutomotiveDBL 5555Daimler
AutomotiveDIN 75202Porsche
AutomotiveFLTM EU BO 050-1Ford
AutomotiveGMW 14660General Motors
AutomotiveGM 9125PGeneral Motors
AutomotiveISO 4892-2Porsche / General
AutomotiveGMW 14170General Motors
AutomotiveDBL 7399Daimler
AutomotiveHES D6601Honda
AutomotiveJIS D0205Japan Autospec
AutomotiveISO 11341International
AutomotiveASTM D7356International
AutomotiveASTM D7869International
AutomotiveISO 105 B10International
AutomotiveVCS 1027, 359Volvo
AutomotiveNES M0135Nissan
AutomotiveSAE J 2527General Motors
AutomotivePV1303General Motors
AutomotiveFLTM B0116Ford

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