feedstock: post industrial
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What is post industrial rigids?

Post industrial rigids is a mix of industrial off cuts, construction waste, and floor sweepings.  This material is typically highly mixed, but also rich in polyolefins.  Sources vary greatly from region to region and can be heavily dependent on the industry in a local area.

The outputs produced from BOSS are very similar to the Post consumer rigids, however while post consumer rigids have very consistent melt flow rates, post industrial rigids can vary depending on the sources of the materials.


Like post consumer rigids, large value increases can be obtained.

BOSS output

PP rich – typically a 90% pure product, when aiming for an even split.

PE rich – typically 90% pure when aiming for an even split.  Depending on material source there is the possibility of mixed polyolefin material being introduced into the mix, along with filled PP and this should be monitored, as either will contaminate the PE stream and reduce the value of the separation.

Sink fraction – a wide variety of plastics, although again the source of material can make a large difference.

example feedstock

feedstock: negative sort

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