medical aprons

It is not surprise that our attention has been brought to the issues surrounding medical PPE in the media, such as face masks and medical aprons. Impact Solutions have discussed these in two of our recent articles. We’re doing our best to help out with COVID-19, including donating our 3D printer to help in the production of face masks.

Being a materials testing laboratory, we are now testing plastic film medical aprons, making sure that they are fit for use in medical situations. Testing is part of our every day business but right now during this global pandemic, it feels even important to be able to provide these services to help with the fight against the virus.

The testing being carried out, include drop impact puncture testing and film testing. Drop impact puncture testing is also known as drop dart testing, which is easy to set up and produces quick results. This is invaluable to customers who need fast results during this pandemic. Using method A of standard ISO 7765, a free falling dart is dropped from a height and it is observed how much weight and impact is required for the material to be punctured. Under testing regulations for European standards applied to PPE aprons, impact strength is a minimum of 80g.

Film testing to standard ISO 6383, is to determine tear resistance of the material (in this case medical aprons). The material is placed between two clamps, the machine will be started and the results will be recorded from what speed and when the material tears.

It is extremely important that while PPE gets distributed as soon as possible, it still has to be tested and meet the testing standards. If not, the PPE could fail while in the field and cause more harm than good. PPE aprons have to have a certain amount of durability to keep its wearer safe and we are testing how the material will hold up to wear and tear. Medical testing is our number one priority and we will continue to help during the pandemic any way we can, at Impact.