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Impact’s Software Solutions

To support the delivery of significant Operational Excellence projects, Impact has developed a range of data integration and analysis systems that provide key performance indicator information in real time and allow simple historical analysis. Our systems allow the key information on product quality from plants and QC labs to be optimised as well as plant costs to for cost improvement programs given the high contributions from raw materials, catalysts and energy to overall product costs. We are also developing reliability focused information systems as part of our own R&D.

plant health

The existing PlantHealth suite shown below integrates data from all sources and provides easy access to correlated data that can focus and drive continuous improvement in critical areas such as costs and quality. These improvement modules are easy to both customize and maintain by the client as part of Impact’s sustainability approach to client projects.


The PlantHealth quality module correlates QC laboratory data with plant process data in real time providing plant operators and engineers with up to date performance trend information, and also allows simple historical analysis.

PlantHealth can be easily customized to suit your needs and is easily maintained.


The PlantHealth variable cost module uses the most up to date feedstock and utility prices together with plant process data to calculate variable costs vs. targets in real time and thus provide a real focus for improvement at all levels of plant management both in real time and historically.

The Variable cost module drives continuous improvement at both plant and site level.


Example screen-shot from the VC Module showing costs vs. targets.

Further additional modules are planned including key equipment reliability and environmental costs.


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