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Lab design and Build

Impact’s R&D Team is comprised of a unique blend of highly experienced chemists, analysts, material scientists, physicists, engineers and data modellers who have worked in a broad range of R&D facilities and QC labs. This powerful capability allows us to provide design, optimisation and other laboratory support services across the Oil/Gas, petrochemicals and plastics Industries.

Impact’s technical team have extensive experience of the design ,construction and commissioning of a wide range of analytical, physical, material processing and pilot plant laboratories. Sometimes in collaboration with internationally renowned partners, such as RMJM Architects, we undertake a range of projects from laboratory modification, upgrades and all the way to full turn-key projects.

Impact run their own ISO 17025 accredited labs and after 30 years of working in and creating real value from all types of labs. we believe this experience and know how gives us the edge over other suppliers.

Our approach is always to start by fully understanding the clients’ vision and to work in close partnership until completion.
Consultancy and project management.

Impact has experienced project managers who work closely with our local and international partners to ensure smooth running of the project from inception to delivery, ensuring the client is involved and kept informed at all stages.

Design of building – configuration of laboratories within total build

Working closely with local or internationally renowned architects, we design and plan laboratory and pilot plant configuration to meet the client’s needs and provide an ergonomic, safe and pleasant working environment.

Configuration of laboratory operation

Our knowledge of equipment – analytical, physical and processing – enables our team to design each laboratory layout for optimum efficiency.


Our experienced team can design all the utilities required to support planned and future activities of your laboratories.

On site project management

Our project management team will work on site at all stages of the project including building, interior equipment & system installation and commissioning

Training and service

Impact has developed a range of training packages to support new laboratories and improve the capability of their staff – find out more

Lab equipment

As a totally independent company we have strong contacts to most key suppliers of equipment. This means we can develop equipment packages which offer the best state-of-the-art equipment at the best value for money.

Impact have recently been involved in two major laboratory building projects in Saudi Arabia.

The QC laboratory has a key role in optimising the quality and consistency of plant products. Final product variability is driven by both plant and laboratory variability, therefore both must be minimized.

Impact works closely with clients to maximize the overall capability of their laboratory. This involves an initial Quality Opportunity Study to establish the current baseline on performance against that is required or expected.

Then Impact will design and project manage the Quality Improvement Project with a focus on optimization of techniques, procedures and both instrument and operator reproducibility. A customized software package LabHealth has also been developed by Impact that both provides full visibility of lab performance and helps to drive continuous improvement in quality.

Impact has also developed the required organization development and customized training programs to ensure sustainable client performance once Impact experts have left the project. We never out stay our welcome.


Impact staff have over 30 years’ experience in operating our UKAS accredited laboratory and our team is therefore ideally placed to help facilitate and fast- track laboratories to ISO 17025 status.

An ISO 17025 system cannot be ‘cut and pasted’, but has to be developed in line with the customers’ company culture and needs. Our approach provides comprehensive coverage of all laboratory processes, which are critical to the achievement of high capability and laboratory compliance, and establishes the solid principles of continuous improvement. We have trained auditors to check the system rigorously before it is submitted to external scrutiny and certification by appropriate bodies like UKAS.

We can also provide our LabHealth software application to ensure maximum system visibility and encourage 100% compliance at all times which we highly recommend for all QC laboratories .in petrochemicals and some R&D laboratories dealing with rigorous industry standards eg plastic pipes, packaging.

Impact R&D experts have leading experience in the design and use of High Throughput Experimentation (H.T.E) platforms.

Combining small scale experimentation with statistical experimental design and results modeling, H.T.E can greatly accelerate new catalyst, process and product development. Impact has considerable experience of H.T.E applied to polyolefins and a range of petrochemicals.

Impact can assist you in undertaking crucial R&D using these techniques and then how to ensure successful scale up to main plants.



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