impact ndt
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what is impact ndt?

As a result of poor welding, pipelines used in the water and gas industry actually tend to fail at the point where the pipes are joined. Impact Solutions have created an innovative non destructive technique to access integrity of electrofusion joints, saving companies from the huge expenses required to fix failures in pipelines. Designed to be easy to use, impact ndt can be operated in the field from a mobile platform, detecting all common flaws in electrofusion welds. Only basic training is required with a green light and red light system, giving the operator a clear picture of what lies underneath.

  • Quick and cost effective.
  • Spots all major defects including mud contamination.
  • Applicable on all electrofusion joints including tapping tees and saddles.
  • Instant feedback on integrity of electrofusion welds.
  • Simple Windows based software.
  • Available for standalone deployment or licensing.

how ndt works?

ndt case study

ndt blind trial

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