Acrylics: Proper Testing for Failure Analysis


Undoubtedly, our lives and daily routines have been affected and nothing will be the same after the COVID19 pandemic. Protective materials like acrylics (Poly(methyl methacrylate), PMMA), have already become an important part of this new life. Acrylics, which are also known as Perspex or Plexiglass are being installed to public transport, private taxis, public places (parks, beaches), hospitals, private businesses etc. aiming to reduce the risk of further virus contamination.

But, the increased use of acrylics to various industries and applications might cause premature failures and damages without prior testing and quality assessment. Therefore, we would strictly encourage the Acrylic suppliers and OEMs to carry out exhaustive tests and simulate real life conditions before use.

More precisely, the tensile strength, impact resistance, haze & transmission are some of the most typical properties for transparent protection panels made of acrylic. Tensile strength is usually carried out following the ISO 527-1/2 directions using a universal tensile tester. The test reveals the strength of the material, the elasticity as well as the elongation before failure.

Furthermore, the Impact resistance of the acrylic protection sheet is usually determined by the Izod or Charpy pendulum impact testing methods as per ISO 179 or ISO 180. Tests are carried out using a Pendulum Impact Tester which could operate at various temperatures and configurations.

Finally, another important parameter is the Haze and the transmission of the acrylic sheet. The most common testing method is via a Haze and Transmission tester or a Spectrophotometer as outlined at the ASTM D1003 standard.

Here at Impact Solutions, we are experts in Plastic testing of Acrylics and other similar products like polycarbonates. We could assist you design the suitable test program for every application and avoid any premature failures.

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