hydraulic stamping

impact benefit from a hydraulic stamping machine as it allows samples to be cut with high accuracy and repeatability.

hydraulic stamping machine

hydraulic stamping

Die stamping is a quick and easy way of producing test specimens. A sharp die is pressed through the sample which cuts out the required specimen as per the shape of the die. The advantage of die stamping is that it does not generate heat in the sample unlike processes like CNC routing or machining. Specimens are cut with high accuracy and repeatability.

how hydraulic stamping works

Die stamping is best suited for soft thin samples. For hard, brittle or thick samples CNC machining is more preferred route.

At impact we have an automatic die stamping press and a wide range of dies. Our press has a stamping area of 45cm x 45cm with adjustable stroke and pressure settings depending on material to be stamped. Our range of dies include all tensile specimens as per ISO 527 and ASTM D638, a set of circular, rectangular and square dies. We also have special dies for stamping fabrics and films. Our dies are regularly inspected to ensure specimens cut have no kinks or cuts on surface which would affect the test results.

hydraulic machining