Recycling of Plastics – Creating wood fibre plastic composites with enhanced performance

By 13th June 2014Failure Analysis, Green

Creating value from plastic waste and low grade materials while protecting the environment and making good use of valuable resources

Impact has a number of ongoing initiatives in the recycling of plastics and diversion of valuable materials away from landfill. We have expertise and unique know-how to help recyclers and product manufacturers find and develop commercial applications for both fibre (natural & synthetic) and plastic waste streams.

As well as looking at various recycled plastics, Impact has discovered that rMDF offers some potential property enhancements for WPC over
conventional WPC’s made using wood flour, including increased flexural and tensile strength. Impact successfully completed a government WRAP sponsored project with a full scale manufacturing trial of a decking product using rMDF as a replacement for wood flour. As a further development to this work Impact are exploring the potential to produce WPC made from recycled PVC and rMDF where significant enhancements to stiffness are possible.

Impact continues to work closely with companies already involved in plastic waste management and in particular with new entrants. New technologies to treat both bulk municipal waste and partially segregated waste plastic continue to emerge, and Impact are executing several live programmes focused on developing new products from the recovered plastic.

The benefits to you Impact can offer innovative product options using your waste/low grade materials, adding significant business value, enhancing your reputation, protecting the environment and making good use of valuable resources.

If you are interested in Impact’s work in waste plastics a potential partner or customer, or to learn more about how our innovations projects fit within the complete Impact solution, please contact us