stereo microscopy

various material analysis – stereo microscopy

stereo microscopy

Stereo microscopy belongs to the family of optical microscopes and it is designed to offer low magnification observation of a sample using a light which is reflected from the surface of the sample. It has been proven to be a power tool in the failure analysis of plastics and other materials. Stereo microscopy is widely used to identify the mode and the cause of small cracks and catastrophic failures, identifying the starting point and the nucleation point of failures as well as the stress relaxation lines. In addition, stereo microscopy can identify possible contamination on the surface of the materials.

At impact we are equipped with a state-of-the-art stereo microscope from Brunel, which is coupled a powerful camera offering unprecedented image resolution at the computer’s screen. It is widely used to spot the weak points of plastics products, failure analysis, contamination etc.

why impact?

Some members of impact’s team have over 30 years of polymer experience, with over 120 years combined, and are internationally regarded as product experts including sitting on various CEN committees and being a notified body for construction products (Note because of our notified body status we cannot undertake consultancy on oil storage tanks), we can often identify potential sources of weakness in products without even undertaken testing using our experience.

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