flexural test

mechanical testing – flexural test for plastic and composite material

The essence of a flexural test is to determine the flexibility of a material by measuring the force required to bend a beam under a specified loading condition. Typically, a three-point bending condition is used following ASTM D790. 

The sample preparation process for a three-point bend test is relatively simple, as a typical sample is a simple rectangular beam with specified dimensions according to ASTM D790 and ISO 178. The length of the specimen must exceed the distance between the supports and a force is applied to the midpoint of the specimen. Nevertheless, one-point bend test and four-point bend test are also available. 

The three-point bend flexural test employs a simply-supported setup, where the rectangular bar is placed on two supports and deformed by a single central load as illustrated below.

flexural test

There are a variety of standards related to three-point bend test, including ISO 178, ISO 14125, ASTM D672, ASTM D55365, IPC TM-650, and IEC 61189-2:TM20. This test is suitable for plastics and composite materials. Impact uses an Instron universal tester (3382) to carry out flexural testing. In addition, we are also equipped with a special environmental chamber from Instron, which allow us to carry out at sub-ambient or above ambient conditions.

In summary, flexural testing can aid designers & moulders to select the most suitable material for the intended purpose by understanding the following properties:

-Flexural Strength
-Maximum Flexural Stress
-Maximum Strain
-Stress at Strain
-Flexural Secant Modulus of Elasticity
-Flexural Chord Modulus of Elasticity
-Failure Mode and Location


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