drop dart impact test

mechanical testing – drop dart impact test

drop dart impact test

The objective of this test is to determine the impact strength and/or toughness of plastic films by understanding the material’s impact resistance. This test is carried out by a free-falling dart method, standardised in ASTM D1709 or ISO 7765. The according method will define the dart size and dart height. Method A or B is selected upon the impact strength expectation. The test results are often used as a quality control value for comparisons and evaluation of the plastic film sample. 

The set-up of the test involves a single dart configuration and a specified drop height whilst the weight of the dart will vary. The specimen is typically in a film sheet form, it is clamped by a pneumatic ring at the bottom of the drop tower. The selected dart is secured by a bracket and adjusted to the specified height. The dart drops onto the centre of the specimen when it is released. At the end of the drop dart test, a pass or fail result is recorded along with the drop weight. 

drop dart test

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