We all know there is a problem surrounding wet wipes, yet we still ask the question; can we put flushable wipes down the toilet? McCormack Innovation have developed a new innovative ‘Flush Away’ soluble wet wipe that dissolves in water in just a few seconds, aiming to target the medical, personal care and cleaning product markets. With the goal of combatting environmental contamination and pollution, Impact Solutions were approached to support the testing and development of this product, conducting a range of biodegradability and compostability tests for their Flush Away product. 

The Problems  

Sewer blockages and fatbergs, polluted beaches and rivers, some of the problems associated with one pesky material-based product; wipes. Whilst being arguably convenient for their quickly dispensable, disposable qualities and hygienic nature, wipes are often flushed down toilets leading to major issues. Along with wipes, fat, grease and oil are flushed or poured down the drain, accumulating in sewers causing blockages or ‘fatberg’ rock like masses to occur over time. London, Belfast, Denver, and Melbourne are just a few of the world metropolises that have discovered large fatbergs in recent years. 

The Solution  

Providing convenience to consumers without the environmental complications is a sure way to being able to solve this major problem. With the support of Impact Solutions testing capabilities helping them achieve their mission, McCormack Innovation have overcome this huge environmental challenge. McCormack Innovation’s groundbreaking flushable wipes product can be flushed away safely and is biodegradable in 7 days.  

Now taking off across various industries, a recent licensing agreement has been made with an Australian cosmetics company to produce soluble make-up removal wipes. Further, this advanced technology has also been applied to the medical industry offering a range of soluble products for stoma care, wound dressings and stool collection. The growth of McCormack innovation has been recognised by news outlets with a recent BBC publication highlighting founder Brian McCormack’s journey to inventing their soluble product technology.  

Impact Solutions Services and capabilities 

Working collaboratively with innovation driven start-up’s through to multinationals, Impact can support and develop ideas from any stage of your development. We offer a range of product and material testing and aim to understand your very specific needs and challenges through our bespoke testing. 

A short statement from founder Brian McCormack of McCormack Innovation about working with Impact Solutions:   

It’s been great working alongside Impact Solutions, it’s been an interesting and fruitful experience and they always kept to their deadlines and met targets – even through the pandemic. It has been a good partnership successfully achieving the certification we needed and shall continue as an ongoing relationship.