ISO 20200 : Disintegration Testing

Disintegration testing is used to determine the degree of physical breakdown of plastic materials.

What does ISO 20200 standard test method involve?

ISO 20200 disintegration test method is used to determine the degree of disintegration (physical breakdown of plastic materials into small fragments) when exposed to a laboratory-scale composting environment.  The conditions are simulating an intensive aerobic composting process. 

The solid matrix used consists of a synthetic solid waste inoculated with mature compost from a municipal or industrial composting plant.  Pieces of the plastic test material are composted with this prepared solid matrix.  

After a composting cycle, the degree of disintegration is determined by sieving the final matrix to recover the non-disintegrated residues. The reduction in mass of the test sample is considered as disintegrated material and used to calculate the degree of disintegration.

What to expect from this testing?

  • Quick and inexpensive test to determine the degree of disintegration in a composting end-of-life scenario.

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