plastic feasibility studies

Our reach across the plastic supply chain makes us an ideal partner for plastic feasibility studies (technical or commercial) for your technology

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plastic feasibility studies


Our reach across the supply plastic supply chain, makes Impact an ideal partner for your plastic feasibility studies.  Our team is made up of specialists from a number of different areas giving us an unique reach across a wide subsection of the industry.

We have conducted plastic feasibility studies for new technologies related to pipelines, plastic recycling, containers, personal protection equipment, construction materials, raw materials and many more.

We also maintain close ties with the local universities and can help you access further expertise and marketing support from a wide spectra of academia as well as our industry knowledge.

How can Impact help?


Whether you need a technical feasibility study, or a market feasibility study then Impact are able to help.  We have a track record of successfully running technical feasibility studies (our last 3 SMART Scotland and Innovate UK projects have led to commercial technology), while we can also provide marketing feasibility studies to help you determine the likely market for your technology.

We can work at all stages (TRL 1 through to TRL 9) so no matter the current stage of development, get in touch and we’ll help you get where you want to go.  Our team are happy to talk free of charge and if we can help we will, and if not we will point you in the right direction.

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