materials development

Our extensive range of plastics knowledge, combined with our access to facilities makes us an ideal partner for innovative materials development.

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Materials development - plastic granules

materials development

Impact’s team have over 120 years of combined experience with plastic based materials.  Some of our team were involved in the materials development of the current PE80 and PE100 pipe materials used today, but over the years our knowledge has incorporated all aspects of plastics.

We have access to a wide range of equipment which allows us to process materials on all scales (from 50 grams to tonnes) from extrusion through to injection molding to refine and scale up material productions.

Our knowledge spans a wide range of plastics and plastic composities, with particular knowledge in polyolefins, UHMWPE, PEEK and Polyketones and a wide range of bespoke material developments from innovative uses for recycled fibres and plastic to fireproof plastic composite developments.

How can Impact help?

Impact has a range of facilities and experience in developing materials.  We regularly conduct our own research, and send our scientists off to international conferences and CEN working groups to stay at the top of the latest plastic material developments.

Our equipment includes Brabender mixers, small scale compounding, compression molding, ram extrusion and injection molding.

Whether it is a small scale production of a new material formulation, or the need to develop something bespoke, get in touch with us to find out ways we can help.  If we can’t, we’ll help you find the person who can.

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