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Impact have a track record of applying for and winning grant funding across a range of local, national and international grant schemes

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grant funding


No matter the stage of your project, Impact have experience in identifying, applying for and winning grant funding across a range of industries.

Grant funding is an ideal way to bring your innovation idea into reality and can bridge the costs of developing, scaling and launching a new product.

Funding is available from a number of sources.  Individual regions have access to local support for projects which deliver employment on a local scale, while the UK Innovate scheme offers national grants for high impact projects.  Further grants are available to SME’s through the EU Horizon 2020 programme which funds disruptive and high growth projects with global impact.

How can Impact help?

Impact work with clients across a range of industries, and our involvement can be as big, or small as you like.

A typical approach may be:

  • consultancy into which grant funding may be suitable and a workshop on best practices when applying.
  • commissioning Impact to write, and apply for the grant funding on your behalf.
  • including Impact as a technical and commercial partner in a grant application in order to work as a collaborative team to develop and launch a technology.
  • commissioning Impact to write, apply and then run a grant project.  This could run from concept invention through to commercialisation, or any stages in between.
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