thermal analysis

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thermal analysis

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test/activityISOASTMUKAS Scopemachine/equipment
determination of temperature and enthalpy of melting-crystallisationISO 11357-3E2253/D3418yesDSC NETZSCH Polyma 214
determination of glass transition temperatureISO 11357-2E1356yesDSC NETZSCH Polyma 214
determination of specific heat capacityISO 11357-4noDSC NETZSCH Polyma 214
determination of crystallisation kineticsISO 11357-7E2253/D3418noDSC NETZSCH Polyma 214
oxidation induction time, OIT (static and dynamic)ISO 11357-6D3895yesDSC NETZSCH Polyma 214
determination of dynamic mechanical propertiesISO 6721D5279/D7028DMA NETZSCH Artemis
heat deflection/distortion temperature, HDTISO 75D648noUnited Test
vicat softening temperatureISO 306D1525noUnited Test
heat/ageing of plastics in air convection ovens (24-250 C)noOvens

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