how to use BOSS
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the system

  •  As a replacement for conventional sink/float technology: BOSS gives you TWO float outputs and one sink, instead of one float and one sink.BOSS also removes 100% of the heavy contamination, leaving only a 100% Polyolefin fraction behind.  This can have a considerable affect on the material properties.  A recent analysis of a mixed rigid post stream showed an increase in the MFR from 6-9 to 17-20 post BOSS processing.
  • After Optical/IR:   BOSS can be used to ‘polish’ output from an IR line, or allow a mixed PO to be picked instead of PE and PP separately. An alternate use is to clean a PE or PP stream in excess of 98% purity allowing higher throughput on the IR line.
  • Mixed rigid plastic separation solution:   By using multiple BOSS units in sequence, BOSS can provide a solution to the separation of mixed rigid plastics.A huge advantage over optical technology is the ability to pick up all the plastics in the stream and not just the coloured plastics, increasing yields by 30% over optical.There is also significantly less pre treatment of the plastic required, cutting costs further.

*up to 98%. see page on example feedstock for details.

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example feedstock

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